10 Ways To Be In Love

Are you among the people that still haven’t met their true love? Men and Women around you are only playing games? Are you being taking for granted or feeling not truly appreciated? Here are ten ways to find true love. Let’s just jump right in.


To honestly be able to find a person that is loving you, you need to create an abundance of love, starting by yourself. Implementing good habits that will make you healthier, fitter and happier on your own. While traveling find details like rings and other jewelry, a journal, stones or clothes that are not expensive but make you more vibrant because the spirit they carry. Evolve as an individual by always looking for new ways to create a masterpiece of existence starting by yourself.


Understand that every person has its conception of the world. If you are trying to influence someone you are creating resistance. Let go, give time and space by understanding the circumstances the one you like or love is. What should be, will be.


Looking for a right looking person, that is sophisticated, intelligent and successful? Well, it won’t work out. Trying to find love with expectations has never worked out. Connect with someone with innocent intentions. Be honest and feel into the truth.


 To get the most love out of a person, you have to support and encourage the beautiful features your loved one shows. How? Be a Yes-Man-Extended! Believe the person you love! More guidance on that? Read here.


Not everyone has the same abilities to love. Some are just not that able to give you the love you deserve because they don’t have it for themselves! Luckily this world offers you a wide range of precious people, and I am sure if you keep on evolving, your true love will appear! 🦋


Life is like a rollercoaster. Be patient when times get difficult! It will soon pass! Remember to stay loyal and kind to the person you love. If you are brave enough to dance in the eye of the storm, you will survive.


What politicians are doing is to listen, understand the meaning of what the person is talking and then interact with it. If you feel it was not worthy of yours, then add something problem solving and not the problem causing! Be kind and encouraging to keep the relationship alive!


Realise that you have come to live in this world to create. Find something that needs your support and involve your partner. If both of you can identify with a cause, for example helping your community, human rights, animal rights, environmental issues, then you can genuinely manifest a lifelong fulfillment together.


Love is light like a feather and playful. Never grow up with the one you love. Stay charming. Small gestures like kind reminders of your love are beautiful. Be genuinely giving. Saying “You are a gift!” or poems and flowers can enrich your life and keep you happy forever. Aim to love today!


Everything you do echoes on in eternity. Collect great experiences with the one you love. While planning together think about how wonderful it will be. For example, sleeping together in nature, hearing the nature blessing both of you. Visualize to materialize. Never give up on your dream. Continue to collect visions for the future and it shall be bright! You are divine.


I hope this helped you widen your space of perceptions on the subject you were interested in.

Remember to keep yourself where the light is.

May all be in love.

AYA❁ ☽ 𓂀

You are worthy.

Shine! ☀️

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