Today I have only one thing – gratitude. I am alive and life is sweet. Precious. I appreciate the moment and the wonderful opportunity to be human. What a gift! Now it’s so clear.

I used to be locked up in an illusory world of my own prejudices. Now I’m getting to know and love the beauty of simplicity and dedication. Every moment is infinitely precious. Nothing more .. Without a firm grip, I adopt all patterns and am a member of the community.

It was proven to me that there is trust and that I can relax. Here I am not the only one who needs help. This old system made us lonely and made us sick. We were looking for a way out of manipulation, corruption, denial and ignorance. We hoped it would end and so it came.

The system is crashing and I feel like my neighbours are opening up and really starting to live life. Still like babies. But we are learning to walk, eat and sleep properly. Like all children we are chasing thoughts and fears like monsters under the bed, but we also know that they are no real threats. And so we make room for the love we know  and we care for what we love.

We give up the questions and trust each other. We see so clearly that we are all just sensitive people. We want to sleep longer, feel security, be understood and perceived. We want to enjoy our time as long as it lasts. As long as we live.

This world is beautiful. The sky is blue, the clouds are white. The birds are chirping, the trees are blooming. Now it’s our turn. Get out of the madness. Get out of fear, judgment and denial. Out of waiting and into action. We are open to love and the life in which we see each other truly LIVE. Here is everything we need. Very easily. Gently.

How nice, isn’t it? Let us laugh and be silent, hope and be creative. Our time has come.

With love, compassion, confidence and complete trust,



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