Meeting A Whale

Dear Diary,

today I met a whale. I called him daylight. He was imprisoned in a pool and that broke my heart.


I met the owner of a huge concept building and he allowed me to meet the beluga. When I arrived at the pool, I didn’t see any animal. It was night time. So I closed my eyes and called the whale with my feelings. I know, they are telepathic because so am I. And it worked. We met at one side of the pool. He was huge and pearl white. His head was enormous and his mouth was open. Looking into his eyes, I felt that he was needy of love. I reached out to him, came very close and started to rub my hands on his soft, silky skin. He seemed to love it and let me touch him from head to flipper. Even though my heart was expanding and overflowing with gratitude for this unexpected encounter, I felt sad that daylight was imprisoned. Animals belong in the wild. We have to stop trying to domesticate them. It´s cruel. 

Find out more about belugas here

I did what I could in that moment and repeated to him the following words: “I see you” “I love you” “We are here together now”. This made me feel better but it did not solve the problem.. Whales belong to nature. Its so sad..


We started to play. The whale brought me a big ball. .. btw. there was no trainer there. It was a spontaneous action and I guess, meant to be. .. (I felt like if the people who try to domesticate him were there, he couldn’t be authentic. I took my time being as real as I can and send him love. .. By the way – We all know how it is with certain family members, when they sometimes try to change you, into something you are not. It sucks to have to let them go but it´s the only way. They will learn themselves. I believe that the universe always responds and serves justice in divine timing. I had to learn to stand in my power at all cost and go my own way and I realised that nobody can take away my light. .. The owner was in shock that I just approached the whale with full on trust! He said it´s “dangerous” to do that without the trainer but he doesn’t know that I am a telepathic hybrid.




Light came through the cracks of my scattered heart and I entered the stage of compassion, cuddling this celestial soul. Honestly, I was so confused when I left the whale. On one side I felt unspeakably grateful, on the other I felt so much pain, for not meeting him in the ocean, roaming wild and free. Then I asked myself, what I can do to fix this. In the car on the way home I closed my eyes and send daylight a “thank you” for the unforgettable moment we shared. Then it dawned on me. We were connected now. In an instant an intense feeling rushed through my whole body and I could feel his appreciation. This animal will forever belong to me now. And this is what I can do: I can speak about it. Yes, telepathy is real, connection is real, love is real and you, … you are another me. Hope to free each other in this life. I see you.

Love, Aya.

19th July 2020

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