I am a Strange Loop

What Am I?

I want to get to the root of reality. Thinking about the deepest, epistemic and metaphysical questions.
In the 1970´s Douglas Hofstadter, professor of cognitive science and academic talks in his best seller book Gödel, Escher, Bach about the strange loop.

Reality is a strange loop.
A mirror mirroring a mirror.
– Douglas Hofstadter

He says that the “I” we perceive is a strange loop.

I am

a strange loop  ∞
a paradoxical circular hierarchy
a self-reflexive symbol that points back at its self
moving through the levels, it eventually returns to the starting point
symbolically A<B<C<A
a paradox
a mind-bending imagination
in the physical world impossible
never ending cycle of upwards climbing but not getting anywhere.

Yet we find examples of this in the real world.

What the strange loop produces is a structure without a ground.
A realm of thought.
A realm of dreams, wishes, relationships, and careers.
A realm of desire and bliss.
An interconnected object
Now I ask you again,
What am I?

I am not different than you.

I am not even separated from you. We share a space wide and open to our imagination.

To the good and the bad. We share it all. Heaven and hell.

What are you?

Yours, Aya.🌺


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