My Thoughts on Light Language

Light Language is a frequency. It relates to the highest octave, which is love or oneness. Speaking it or listening to it ignites devotion and pain relief. LL can be used to remove stress thus making one healthier.

Light Language is to be found through the translation of dormant DNA Codes.

The purpose of Light Language is to uplift the soul to its ancient wisdom thus enchant the spirit to cleanse itself of lower vibrational energies which can be easily attracted in the 3D earth realm. Examples of negative entities are the government system, educational system and so on. 

Light Language can be accessed by quieting the mind, meditation, yoga, fasting and a raw, fruit based diet.

Light Language makes one align to a more harmonious state of being thus connecting one to the heart which is linked to worthiness, purity and bliss. Who is exposed to Light Language enters the being state, is no longer trapped in the thought matrix of fear and thus free from distortion. 

Light Language is not separating consciousness into individual things like the human languages do, but rather it brings wholeness and therefor serves as medicine to both, the speaker and the listener.

Everyone has their own, unique expression of Light Language. It is of importance that one removes trauma by the use of exploration in the cosmic field of engagement and so realises ones essential energetic signature.

Timelines can be shifted and new paradigms ignited if Light Language is done correctly. One has to learn to surrender to the wholeness of self and trust a higher octave can be played alongside a quiet mind. This is happening on a subconscious plane and powered by ones intention of true soul expression.

The goal is to align in harmony to the greater overall and speak the true language of love, which is feeling based.

There is no separation.

One is acknowledging their own existence, accepting oneself as a musician and singing its part in surrender to nature while speaking love into the universe and space around.

Light Language is a powerful tool, used by spiral dynamics – stage turquoise people to invoke healing, alignment, divinity and bliss. Various codes hidden in the unseen are being unlocked, thus making higher perceptional realms possible. This brings new abilities to the being, abundance, flow, prosperity, peace and freedom.

Humans are vibrational beings, so are animals, plants and everything in existence. By the use of Light Language, connection can happen beyond the mind through recognition of the being in unconditional love.

As one practices Light Language, one strengthens the ability of emotional intelligence, which when mastered, many refer to as the state of samadhi or the 5 dimension and even perceptional realities beyond that.

Light Language connects one to creativity. 

Try Light Language when you feel lost, confused or agitated. Simply make natural sounds by the use of your vocal chords. Align your space to your souls truth and remember who you are along the way – an infinite intelligent being of love and light.

Till the next time.


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