How to enhance well-being in times of deep self reflection and shadow work?

In my study of self I have come across various layers of intimate relation to all sorts of illusions. With that I mean, personality trades that are not in alignment to my original essence or purpose, but come from past traumas I experienced with other humans that have distorted my connection to nature.

These certain behaviours I observed myself doing to manipulate a situation into my favour – unnaturally, are the result of feeling ashamed for wanting more attention and are acted out to compensate the fear of rejection, in that sense keeping me survive. But going through all that I have been through, I have learned one big lesson that covered all my questions.


The one frequency playing in tune with the greater over-all, universe or let’s simply keep it at nature is love. When you listen to your surroundings more, you dial your station to the truth and that what allows you to flow in harmony with what is, so that you can achieve well-being and execute your purpose clearly, function properly and have fun on the go. You CAN be weird, make mistakes and be childish, just love sincerely. That’s all.

Distortion is only felt on a level of self-denial. When you disown aspects of yourself and try to be liked. But the moment you turn inward and open your eyes to what is, you become beautiful, no matter your expression. You then are a magnet to what you already are, thus attracting whatever you need to succeed in life – like banana pan cakes and sex easily. 🙂


Yes, I struggled with trust issues and was afraid of losing people and I also believed, to get attention you need to be in trouble, get in trouble or literally – be trouble. All of these characteristics had to be brought forth, looked at with an open mind by another for a positive resolution and dealt with an easy temper. For that the right people are so important. Personally witnessed great healing with a man in my life, that not only is my friend, but also my lover.

I have fiercely chosen well-being, by sticking to the people that supported my best interest, showed up in my life, brought me to this space of surrender and accepted my imperfections. They made me be able for unbound self-reflection and honesty thus setting me free. Now I CAN be who I truly am – that is sometimes anger, sometimes even rage, sometimes jealousy but mostly harmony, victory and love.

Being cherished for all that I am and actively supported in the real world to achieve my greatest version feel so good. It is my definition of true wellness. It makes me better.


People, purge to release. The moment you act according to your truth and let go the mental construct that kept you in an illusion of safety, you sense the true meaning of life – which is all about you but not at all about you. Now, that’s two opposing thoughts and yet both of them are true.

How can you experience everything you choose to do, while observing the experience you’re having from a higher view? – Realize life is a miracle.


You then no longer fear of being seen, you feel understood by your own ability to express and hold space for your emotions and thoughts while letting another in to enhance awareness and connection, which are both sacred. You get wild to become perfect and after some time you built up your character in such a wonderful way, that you would never want to consider going back to the old way of compromises. You accept yourself as you are and grow by being nourished, not forced.

What also helped me to relax into that state of surrender was to feel like everything is already written in the book of energy. I learned by observation and natural selection that life is to be viewed as if it already happened. That way I enjoy each unfolding new experience as if it was a gift and watch the movie of life hand in hand with the great composer – which is nature, freely and uncensored. That is what makes me wake up, keeps me going, and drives me to love more and fear less.

Whenever we restrict ourselves from being authentic, we disconnect into a place of distortion, where nothing ever will work out, nor will be pleasant. Watch out. Be you. You is all that you will ever have. Let the rest come as it should. I promise, whatever you want, you will get it. Let your own self take you there, bring your loved ones and remember:

Keep yourself where the light is.


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