The Method

I work on the basis of the Vipassana teachings. In meditation, we penetrate the emotional body in order to find specific emotions, to recognize their cause and effect and then to work through them in a targeted manner. While we are working on concrete actions that need to be taken in everyday life, we dissolve the emotional pain. We are also working here to bring people back to their nature and to a harmony based on it. It is about reprogramming habitual behavior patterns that disturb the mental balance and the relationship between humans and the universe or nature. I completed my training in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Singapore, Bali and in Europe. In 2020 I published two books, one is the novel Moon Girl, which helps spiritual awakening, and the other is a self-help book called The Divine Mastery, which promotes personal development. The mentor Ralph Smart influenced me significantly. He showed me the way how I can manifest my individuality and my skills in my everyday life and my work. With what I have learned, I teach people how to connect with their inner child and thus become authentic again and also bring structure into life that ensure health, fulfillment, balance and growth in the long term.

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