Is Religion Dead?

Is it possible that the next generation don’t need religion anymore? Many of us just don’t believe in it and even blame it for many bad things that happened along history. I want to bring up the reason people made up religion in the first place and what it can do for us in the future.


In the first place, religion is asking us to believe in something. The urge to discover more about life has never left men. The need to know the reason for our existence. When people say they don’t believe in religion, they tend to point out the offensive side of worship business and all the horrible things happened in the name of God. Belief may appear the least interesting side of religion.But in fact feeling lost has become an epidemic, and people have started to question their life’s purpose because of lost faith. Religion asks us to be kinder and less selfish impulsive. To create peace and harmony, support the weak and feed the poor. It should give us inner strength to take action for our beliefs. In its purest form, religion can inspire people to serve the welfare of others, not out of ego, but out of a sense of divine duty.

The role in promoting ethics in political life caused wars, but it created guidelines for goodwill and equality throughout history and supported inner strength and courage to fight oppression.


Also, religious rituals were supposed to point out we are not just rational creatures. We thrive in the urge of emotion, in its purest form called art and beauty. Temples, cathedrals and churches were built to value aesthetics. Their design should remind us that sheer force of will can create anything a men can imagine. It should promote the feeling of power. The same with rituals, showing us that the seasons are changing or that it is the time to remember our ancestors or to be thankful for the food on the table.

Without caring for the beauty of being, we start to get lonely and violent. Wisdom and purpose, among with beauty, romance and professional success are the guidelines of our mission but distractions can appear everywhere, and we easily start to overline our needs. 1481522294_hd-film.club_265922_original The challenge we have to face is to learn from religion. To awaken kinder, less selfish impulsive and to start to gather people together and create peace and harmony. Religious leaders like Jesus Christ or Buddha had the capacity to think outside of the box and therefore lived a more fulfilling life.

Also, religion taught us the importance of forgiveness. For example, Martin Luther King frequently used Christian language to preach a message of peace and forgiveness. Other great leaders inspired by religious teachings on forgiveness include Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela.


Religion holds the promise of ultimate enlightenment. Maybe we don’t believe anymore because we forgot what the big deal is. What if it is not achieving a goal, or being free but having actual power. To dominate and rule in a realm of human existence. Why don’t we stop questioning religion and start enabling our ability to force power of creation in a way that makes us people unite and generate life encouraged by big emotion?


What if religion is not over, but yet will experience a renaissance of enlightenment by making individuals to Gods which will create a Planet more aesthetic, courageous and kinder than ever demonstrated to humankind. If so, I am the first one to believe!

AYA. 🤍

3 responses to “Is Religion Dead?”

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