Monday, 29 August 2022

They were all yellow ⛈

In order not to get caught like a fish, go fishing yourself.

When you look around you will notice that everyone is chasing something. Some chase the bag, others chase the time away and others chase their own tails. Slow down your pace. If you cannot do that yourself, connect to the other side. We humans are spiritual beings. A thought alone is enough to split the seas. So if you are a fish, all you need to glide through the chase untouched is your free will.

Don’t let the bleakness of the world affect you. Acclimatize to it by bluntly taking care of your own needs first. Cater to your purpose in cold-blooded fashion and in favour of the greater good and you will notice an increase in emotional and mental well-being. Have no expectations and manoeuvre the day with strategy and optimism. Be sure that you cannot make mistakes, because everything that happens always puts you in a better state, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first glance. Believe in your pure intentions and see the magic happen effortlessly. It does, always.

⭐TODAY: Let the passing away pass away.

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