A conscious breath away

written by AYA: 📰

Your heartbeat pulsates in the void like your eyes blink in the dark. And once again the lungs fill with air. A voice quietly enters the room “Don’t tell me you are here again” and you smell a soft perfume. That of victory and defeat. Both envelop your recklessness and ignorance and all you can do is keep dancing and singing and pulsating, out of control, to then take a conscious breath.

Describing God sounds like this: beauty, wonder, truth, laughter, happiness, harmony, heaven, mercy, devotion, love,… I want to learn to see God in every word. So I’m listening more carefully. Everything was sent to me. Allow today to flow unburdened by your judgement. Move into the unknown and watch. Ask yourself how you can be an expression. Do it in the form of your craft. You will realize that your well-being is in the accumulation of conscious breaths. So practice, practice, practice. And never stop. Everything you do makes up who you are.

Shake off any funk like a wet dog. You have a lot to do.

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