And the saga continues

written by AYA: 📰

All difficulties are imaginary. If you swallow your pride, it all makes sense. And you are happy the way it is! Maybe the knocking on the closed doors is what will get us further. But what if there are no doors at all. Can you just be today, without a goal and agenda? That is called Buddha nature. Everything happens by itself. You know you exist and the world, your world, well,… look at it like a movie. See even your own hands moving as if they were being directed. They are. You are being called to the forefront by the divine plan today and you have the best seats. Front row. Here’s some popcorn for you. 🍿 I hope you enjoy the show!

Practice neutral observation and you will see what you previously suppressed arise. Don’t be afraid of it. It could just be harmless memories that come up, but people could also show up to you, reflecting something that needs to be seen once and for all. Acknowledge it just as you acknowledge the color of your skin, or gravity. Anything that hits you right in the heart is proof that you are alive. Don’t be a zombie. Live. Time will pass quickly. Don’t ever try to stop it.

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