Valley of Death

The story writes itself. So, if today you are faced with the questions of which activity is the most productive for your development, what is the best thing to focus on and where you need to direct your devotion to stay on the right track, rest easy. I experienced failed plans, had countless failed attempts and witnessed accidents. What I learned from this is that I can’t control everything. Getting my intentions right is all I can do and of course follow them. How my wishes, hopes and dreams come true can and will certainly only be one thing – wild.

Behind the scenes, things fall apart, grow together; some pathways open and others close. You could be in a promising relationship, your partner could even propose to you, although in the background your subconscious has already set the end of you both in motion. Two weeks into your engagement he cheats on you with another woman. Another example is as follows. You have had a stable job that pays well for several years. You think you will stay there for the rest of your life, only to find out that after a trip around the world, you feel like you have no other choice but to start over, because going to your old job makes you sick. Today let your inner attitude be open to transformation. Learn to let something die, because that way you can look behind the scenes of life and be able to see changes before they happen. This will save you annoying crises, heartache and sorrow. So to put it simply, if it feels like a storm outside, stay home.

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