Sunday, 4 September 2022

Old Friends ☁

Loneliness is often felt negatively. With the absence of connection. Today is a day when you have the chance to learn that part of life is being able to exist in a void or stillness in order to develop a fuller picture that portrays your true essence better. Because loneliness becomes presence when you allow it and you then dissolve into a work of art. Don’t miss this chance to be unique. Lonely or not, embrace the chaos that you are.

How often do you hear your heartbeat or notice your calm breathing? Today this becomes productive for your advancement. Connect with your body. If you understand the conditions your frame is exposed to, then you will start to support it standing strong. Make a halt. We often push ourselves to the max and then feel lonely. All that lack of stimulation is telling you is that you need rest. Relax into all that is and let go of any heaviness. You will see – the darkness is your friend just like the light. We need contrast to experience. Learn to keep breathing when you can’t breathe. You can do it.

⭐TODAY: Plan in divine time and not human.

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