Satellite Hearts 🌈

written by AYA: 📰

Today you will make countless important decisions. Some of them consciously and others unconsciously. We won’t see much of that. What we will notice about you is the way you speak, the words and tone you choose, as well as your overall demeanor. Unfortunately, however, no one will notice how you got out of bed at 5, how exactly you shaved, the thoughts that tormented you, like the problem with your self-esteem that you constantly struggle with, the minutes that you sat in the silence, how you mentally prepared for the day, and how you quietly said, “That’s all I can give right now… Okay!”

Let it be said to you today that you will be seen in all the decisions, no matter how small, that you make. And for the numerous attempts to get better, I would even like to thank you personally! We all steer towards a future. Our choice will manifest. So continue to choose the majority of your choices consciously and feel confirmed by your own clear conscience. Also know that we all carry the unspeakably great responsibility of a life, our own, and sometimes we are overwhelmed by it. As long as you keep making an effort to keep going in the right direction, the whole universe applauds you, even if you don’t always see it. We thank you for your sense of responsibility and your love!

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