Community Service

written by AYA: 📰

We are being tested – all the time. Every little movement in response to the obvious, the great symphony, has an impact on the whole. You can realize today that all your views, opinions and concerns directly influence you and how you think shapes your future. Never identify with a role. You are not your work or your marriage. We become constant with our development and with our growth when we have good judgment. This could be something that comes natural to you. For many people, however, there is a lack of good judgment that ruins them, i.e. makes them ill, depressed and weak.

Take the day under your control and execute today. Start right away. Where do you have to go and what do you have to do to live a better organized easier life? If the deeds pour as long as the sun shines, perfect! So that when the night falls you look back and are grateful to have done what had to happen to be where you are now – in a better place. But do not let yourself be colored by your environment. Do what you have to do and remain untouched, free and flexible in your own autonomy. We all know the saying “What you can do today don’t leave for tomorrow”. That applies today! Put everything in place. Come into balance. Start now. So, focus on earthly responsibilities. Work, organize, make lists, stick to the rules, put one brick over the other and create a better world. When everything is said and done, remember that you are travelling through space in a human body on a planet in a solar system and everything is transient. Then go to sleep. Forget about yourself.

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