ADHD the Zen way ☁️

written by AYAs Zen Teacher Maxim Haim
Maxims general advice: Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat until you cry laughing.

Ok fine! teach me how to monk… please hmmm, I said to my teacher rather belligerently. Teacher: Dialectical behaviour therapy is a way to hold two opposing truths at the same time. First we are going to practice some mindfulness with a few yoga techniques…

Wow who would have thought you’d be into all this mind body spirt shit I said In my mind, then out loud 😹 … Teacher: Dialectical behaviour therapy is an evidence based psychotherapy. It’s clinical not spiritual. You got Buddhism a bit mangled there bud, We showed the west how!

I replied: Let your thoughts drift away, relax your neck, bend you knees, if that is more comfortable. Hold in your farts, namaste all day. Its more about presence. Its about excepting the situation your in. Ohhh said I. 😸 I thought it was about getting my butt tight as hell. Raising my hand for an up top hand slap. 👋🏽 Gross Padma just close your eyes and breathe all right!

Me: Reouuuwww Teacher: I can see your not ready for DBT, Why don’t you go rest and we’ll change tactics in the morning…

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