Thursday, 8 September 2022

“The lover is moved by the beloved object as the senses are by sensual objects; and they unite and become one and the same thing. The work is the first thing born of this union; if the thing loved is base the lover becomes base.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

Mon Salaì ⛈

A beautiful thing is never perfect. She is made up of quiet, hidden undertones forged from her active mind that reflect the overtones negatively; halftones that wink humbly; Voids that create life – intervals, hence rhythm and movement, magic; Highs that fall and then put the lows into perspective. You no longer know whether you fall or fly… The whole spectrum of beauty has substance. That’s not easy to explain. She is a secret. Her revelation is dangerous. Like moths in the light, servants gather around gods.

Don’t obsess over knowing, controlling, dominating, or loving, all of which are worth nothing more than a fight over the obvious. What you must have, you will never own. Be counterintuitive. If you take a step closer to her, she will take two steps away from you. Look left and she will turn right. Go backwards and she will travel forward. The beauty hides in a dance with the unknown. That is why beauty is what inspires us and not perfection, safety or the apparently better choices in life. Note that after a period of time everything becomes second nature and it happens faster than you think, so be mindful. Do not take beauty for granted or you will lose it to that which has become normal. There hides great contrast of unpredictability in your stagnation that leads to painful awakenings. So wake up today and start dancing. Beauty is worth a little chaos.

⭐TODAY: Challenge yourself into new territory.


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