Friday, 9 September 2022

Stop! … Go On 🌥

written by AYA.


Forge a path unseen by the many. Hidden from their sight and unknown by their truth you will be discovered and you will discover what feels like home to you and then you will laugh and you will rise from that of which only unity can be birthed. Divine intervention will become your guardian angel, ever present, like a good fellow. You will seem different, yet unchanged. Unchained. Through the sun and the moon and the eyes that look back at you on your dreams, worldview blooms. Like the wind you rest in the clouds and color the landscape like your own house. Silently the mountains form in your map as thunder crashes down and wrecks and nothing is what it seems. All got well and something says, Yippee!

Someone or something wants to get away from you? Learn to respect boundaries, also in spirit. We all know the feeling of habit. We often don’t recall our thoughts and self-correct for our digressions. Telling others how far they can go with us can still be normal, but with yourself, keeping your own thoughts within limits initially seems totally unnecessary, and then really exhausting. Should I think of a referee who whistles back certain thoughts? Yes, because in order to develop positively you should think realistically, to not waste focus, energy, thus resources and for that you have to work through certain topics mentally and that takes practice. In addition, a lack of control harbours the risk of disappointment. Take stock of your mindset today. You can write down all of your most dominant beliefs, or you can say them out loud and they will be brought into awareness that way. Then see if what you’re thinking about is productive. Does it have anything to do with reality? If not, ask yourself how it relates to reality and what it says about you. Work your way through your attachments and become more realistic in your thinking. Let go of fantasies today. Even if this comes with emotional upheaval. The processing will set you free. So don’t hesitate to recognise boundaries in spirit and pay them respect, because only if you recognise and respect them can you also recognise and respect yourself. Then we are free.

⭐TODAY: Focus on what you can control.

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