Something I made for you

written by AYA: 📰

To me being brave means escaping the familiar altogether in order to gain the wisdom to achieve great things. Often we don’t want that because the emptiness that comes with it suffocates us. As we venture into uncharted territory, we hear every rock turning, feel every breeze, like hands that glide over our skin, to then condemn the fragile correspondence of our minds for their misguided attempts at instruction. And once again we are moving forward, even though we really don’t want to. The fires in the void valley awaits the exalted and like-minded. With their knives, twisted heads get cut off by their necks, to let their bodies then be driven to Neverland. There they meet and thus encounter contrasts that creates a palette of nuances of color to be able to journey further into their lost land with their heads painted back on. You conquer your long-forgotten empire. Put on armored heartbeats now, painted by your blood and hands, for only as an active soldier will you keep conquering and conquering. God’s word will serve you in this. Proceed safe and unburned by the fire of passion, and you will be recognized as the truth, thus win any battle.

Check your priorities today. You want to help yourself be in full bloom. This means promoting your talents and strengths and actively working on them. Talentum comes from Latin and means sum of money. Know that if you are born with talent, you literally posses a goldmine of your own, so do not wait any longer to start digging. Do some digging every day! Every day you have to dig, so practice, practice, practice your talents every day. And you have to take that dead serious. No excuses. No matter what happens, whether you don’t feel like doing it or if something else just seems better to do in the moment, you need to make time each day to actively work on your talents to put them into little packages and then share with others. There is nothing more beautiful than giving the world something you made. Thanks for reading my blog, by the way.

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