Monday, 12 September 2022

Reassurance Police ⛅

written by AYA.


Today be at peace internally. Find the middle way and stick with it. You don’t need to take anything personally and you want to do whatever it takes to stay open to the possibility that the day will be blessed. As evening falls, reject anything that feels like a temptation or might make you feel bad later on. Stay strong with your resolutions and intentions to form a better version of yourself. Let the divine be your rock in this endeavor. Don’t give up and trust that everything will work out for the best, as if by itself, without having to exhaust yourself. Know your worth and let it be reflected in all your actions and words. You will see how beautiful life feels when you are full of confidence.

We all need to be comfortable with ourselves. Sometimes it hurts in the short term to give up something you know is bad for you in the long term. Like removing a band-aid, you can give up negative behaviour patterns. But as you choose better, better starts to choose you. Wonderful things start gravitating toward you. So give yourself more time before you speak to find the right words that are sure to resonate with your heart. Also give yourself more freedom to breathe and avoid unnecessary stress. Don’t force anything and allow nature to guide you and bring you to what suits you best. The possibilities are endless. Always be aware that when you say no to something, you are saying yes to something else that is headed straight for you. Isn’t it a good feeling to know that you can’t lose? You are loved. Stay strong.

⭐TODAY: You don’t need to push yourself today. You already are pushed. Now relax into the tasks ahead. You got this!

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