Feathers and Roses

written by AYA: https://ayatoday.com/behindthewords/ 📰

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you, dear reader, is that everything is temporary. Let me explain. For example, it’s just a difficult time. You don’t know if you’re doing the right thing or not. Everything may or may not look dazzling on the outside when the battle is on the inside. You are aware that everything is temporary and yet you are building. You have dreams, beliefs, life. The moment will come when you have to let all of this go, for most people that is on the day they die, and you realize you are unprepared for it. You’re used to fighting. After all, that’s what drove you every day. Survival instincts sent you hunting. But now something else is being asked of you – to see beyond the temporary.

A true master knows himself to be part of a higher power. In merging with the divine lies the true power of every being. If you disappear and the big picture takes your place, you’re done. Until you have achieved this, you have achieved nothing. So let go of your temporary worries, no matter how big or small. They’re not worth paying attention to. Focus more on trusting blindly. That means don’t look at the world, look into your heart. Then you will really see. Everything that finds you will leave you and something else will find you. You are none of these and never have been. Trust the divine blindly and watch life and death exist, for you are neither alive nor dead. Learn to be a master and become part of the whole.

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