Wednesday, 14 September 2022

When You Know 🌦

written by AYA.


Once you become conscious, you don’t stop becoming more conscious. It’s like you woke up from your slumber and now you have to defeat the evil witch. For this you develop unspeakable powers, which develop and grow over time! Know the potential that lies dormant within you. You can be truthful and achieve anything you can imagine. What you need is discipline and a clear vision. Let me explain this to you…

Discipline is the cooperation between your body, the mind and heart. You can’t put your head through the wall and your heart can’t open the door for you. For this you need hands and feet, speed, will and strength. It is the inner dialogue that mobilizes you and only when you know what you are doing it for will you not stop doing it. This is how your discipline develops. When I talk about vision, I mean awareness of potential. Combine your type of discipline with your vision and you will soon be in full bloom. Today is the day you defeat the evil witch. Go for it,

⭐TODAY: Give yourself enough time to make decisions clearly and the universe will rush to support you in your endeavor.

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