Friday, 16 September 2022

Space Stories 🌤

written by AYA.


The golden rule is not to take anything personally, because when it comes to history, reality still makes the universe the author. Many fail in their development because of their immature interpretations. So stop trying to know everything. You will find that if you go with the flow and fight for the truth at the same time, every day has meaning and can end positively however it started. It’s about how much effort you put into grounding your truth. Once you are deployable, the universe will continue to deploy you and give you more responsibilities over time. This is how human life stories are written. Know your truth and write history.

Welcome all the beautiful things that lie in your destiny. They exist in your heart and become active when you need them. At first it’s hard to believe that there’s one thing that’s right for you. But keep believing in moments of fear and know your nature, that your heart is a magnet and the vein of all your dreams. You have earned everything you wish for and you have the right to have your wishes come true. Now all you have to do is know that and then just be yourself. Feel through this life. Your feelings will never lie to you. They are your compass. And your only responsibility is to voice them loudly. Have lots of fun with it.

⭐TODAY: Learn to keep space for your feelings. Don’t judge them. Simply give them room to exist.

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