Extramile Smiles

written by AYA: https://ayatoday.com/behindthewords/ 📰 

God gave man a command. Serve those who serve me, that is, truth, and make tired those who serve you of reason. … You have the responsibility to find out what your life means to you. Then you realize how important it is to claim what is due to you, because the distribution of your birthrights takes place according to use. Reality is intelligent. Your strategy should challenge. Either way, you will reap what you sow. Be sure to be aware of this. There is no comfort zone. You’re just imagining it. Many think they are so conscious, even though they often secretly want to prove something to other people or make things right. The art of your development corresponds to your overview of humanly conceivable concepts. Have this overview without it influencing your personal decisions. Sometimes you have to consciously act against the expectations of others. Take what you really want. Live for yourself and be anchored in your responsibility to live for yourself. I hope I have to write this for the last time until you learn to resist the temptation to live for others. You don’t have to please society. Don’t conform, don’t imitate anyone. Do not resist your own treasures. Resist the world, rise up in the face of your truth, and take the harder path. Get inventive and invite anything that helps you stay alive, on every level. Stretch yourself. Get up. Choose the unknown, interesting, new and stand for the right cause – what your heart truly belongs to. So take risks. That’s the only way to live life. Live it today.

Nothing comes for free. No effort leads to nothing. And no mistake is ever forgiven. Everything is recorded. What you invest, you have invested. You will always receive what your investments have supported. The forms in your reality change according to resonance with your consciousness. Be meticulous about your backgrounds. Choose the truth because nothing can or ever is lost and you can never be lost either. So dare to go the unconventional way. You only have to see the next few small steps to make progress. Don’t be swayed by a seemingly bright goal. Enlighten yourself to the core of your being through the information you are being given, stay strong and keep claiming what is yours. Enlighten the darkness of the earth, become an explorer and let go of outdated systems and beliefs. What is “right” for one is wrong for another. Any thoughts that tell you that you could lose something by pursuing your passion are just temporary illusions that you need to block. Choose the vibrant, excitingly beautiful, even if it comes with obstacles. Your efforts will be registered and the reward for your inventive way will surely come. The universe wants to expand, so create new worlds depending on how they correspond to your truth!

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