If feelings were colours, which one is yours?

written by AYA: https://ayatoday.com/behindthewords/ 📰

When you are honest with yourself, you realize that you don’t need anything. There’s already plenty. Next you start thinking about why you don’t start giving back more… The universe of your emotions is as vast as the colours of the world. It is not for nothing that unprocessed feelings keep sneaking into your consciousness. You don’t even know how to name them all. One thing is for sure, all of them are wake-up calls to remind you that so much is happening for you. Trust life more. Give something meaningful today. And be detailed with your delivery. This is how you act emotionally mature thus create conditions in your environment that allow for growth, abundance and the good. Feeling powerless is ignorant. Do something about it whenever you feel negative. And never put it off until tomorrow, or later. Because you don’t snooze the alarm 10 times until you miss your appointment, do you? Then stay away, sleep and don’t think, if you can. I know you can’t do that for too long. I know you really want to be here, complete, true, strong, real, alive. Then wake up now.

You can have anything in this life. Endure pain from time to time and learn to be patient for the beautiful moments and the moments of clarity that are sure to come as long as you stay clear and beautiful. Go forward. Take the first step. You should underline your truth, give it expression with that. Take off your masks. If you’re not fine, don’t pretend you’re fine. If you know something inside, then represent it on the outside, because you can’t run away from your truth anyway. Even though you may be able to look away and pretend it doesn’t exist, and you’ve even found people to support you in your ignorance, there are the real ones who see your truth, recognize you and are waiting for you to turn off the alarm clock and wake up. You can only recognize them. There is nothing more important than your consciousness. The rest emerges. So first, wake up in your human flesh sack and really take in your surroundings. Release your fears, smell the roses, the coffee, the hot and cold, the conditionality… As the weather is sometimes rainy and sometimes sunny or stormy, your perception of the world is sometimes pink, sometimes grey, sometimes bright, sometimes not. I advise you to have the courage to accept the conditions that apply to you.

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