Life is a game until one gets hurt

written by AYA: 📰 

In order to finalize something before it has manifested and thus maintain control and autonomy in your life, it is necessary to deal with the processing of nagging thoughts. If you feel stressed, sort through the clutter in your brain. and take your time with it. What do you identify with? Who are you and who do you want to be? Who supports your highest good? Who is supporting you? And what are you ready to let go of once and for all? … Life is a game until someone gets hurt. After that, a period of anarchy followed by changed rules has occurred. Everyone runs in circles again, laughing, being happy, believing there is less chance of an evil coalition again until they bump into hurt one more time. Stick to your principles, not temporary rules is what I want to convey. And if you have broken certain principles in the past that have now taken forms that plague you, then clean them up now. Get back in line with yourself. And let go of the desire and the greed. You deserve far more than this mess. Choose yourself and have faith. You truly do deserve the best.

There are many unanswered questions, and also many unfinished tasks, including personal ones and moreover connected to your destiny. The information you need to file them will only be revealed to you. Use this time of change to consciously take and hold your position in each of your areas of life and to represent the highest good of all. You want to remain flexible with your receptivity to what will happen, because corrections will occur and yet always be anchored in the certainty of what you are entitled to – that is peace, harmony and love. Turn away from what is trying to elude you. Don’t be a ghost. Look behind the facades of the people you are dealing with now. They will not be willing to speak the truth, but their actions will speak of it. Don’t imagine anything anymore. Don’t believe in fantasies, fairy tales or promises. Don’t believe in anything. Just like you feel like everything hasn’t been said, you still have to clarify situations or negotiate, demand or correct things, so do the people around you. This is not good or bad. Life is about the hurt and all.

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