About Ghosts

written by AYA: https://ayatoday.com/behindthewords/ 📰

Most people panic when they see a ghost. That’s why they never see one again. You will meet these creatures when you are ready. So yes, there are ghosts. But not every ghost is a ghost. Just like in human society you know, there are good guys and bad guys. Once you open the door for them, it’s difficult to close it again. Many of you have seen fairies in your childhood, or goblins. When your parents told you they don’t exist the door slammed shut, you became blind to them and now opening it back up is just as hard as closing it on your own because once your belief is broken it’s almost impossible to restore it except you have an experience that restores it. Your perspective is shaped by your parents and those around you. Know that your mindset wants to protect you from danger and from the threat of becoming an outsider, i.e. starving. Also know that because of this you perceive very limited, are almost blind, do not have the full picture, and the more arrogant and entrenched you delve into group-thinking, the more limited you become. Once your belief system is conditioned not to believe in spiritual beings, your subconscious becomes no longer able to allow a gaze beyond the material threshold no matter how much you want, to avoid system shock.

How are you going to have mystical experiences if you don’t believe in mystical things? There are subtle beings that have no human or animal body but are as real as you and me. They think, they feel, they act, they are born and they die too.They see you. They register your existence. They even try to communicate with you. They live among you. They share information with each other and also with people who can perceive them. Some call them ghosts, but this, shall we say, “category” is associated with much nonsense, is negligent, and has little to do with the truth. Do you only go among people and animals, or do you also go out into silence alone and listen. There’s a lot to discover. Don’t miss the chance to let more into your life. And stop judging everyone and everything. Spirits laugh at your ignorance. Wake up.

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