Forever Young

written by AYA: 📰

We are never where we are today by accident. We have come to see, to understand, to change. Sometimes consciousness strikes like lightning, shaking us up, shocking us. Don’t let that get you down, because tomorrow it will only be about one thing again, your mission. Whatever you feel, let it be what it is, a feeling. Today rise up and remember who you are. Think about everything that has happened in the past few years and how it has made you strong like you are today. Then realize how your soul has remained untouched and you still listens to the songs from the trip around the world. Get your heart touched in a very specific way, you know that sunrise on the beach that motivates you and reminds you of the old days when you were just starting to shine your light, to have a vision and to manifest. Don’t forget to remember who you really are, where you come from, what you’ve been through and what you’ve realized along the way. Sometimes that’s all you need to win.

If you are generally open to further development and progress, you are certainly also self-critical, i.e. easily attacked. You listen to the opinions of others, you care about your actions in the world and you care about making a positive impact. But there are phases when you want to avoid this. If you find your meditation being hindered or even attacked, turn away from whatever. Learn to do your thing and stand up for yourself no matter what. Circumstances cannot erase you, and you can protect yourself from constantly mutating conditions. Whatever it is, as long as your intelligence exists, everything turns out for the best anyway. You know the universe has your best interest in the game. Keep shining and keep going, materialize your vision and don’t stop experiencing. That’s the only way you win. Go on. The journey never ends!

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