Friday, 23 September 2022

Like a Bird ☀

written by AYA:

Deutsch: 💫

Use the time today to work productively on your consciousness. Breathe, walk, meditate, sleep. Focused work also helps. Practice on your instrument, organize your apartment, house or garage, your business or talk to your partner. It is important to have everything done and move to the beat of the universe. Always keep in mind the responsibility you have to be here completely and to fulfill your responsibilities. There’s no time to fall asleep. Listen and act. And be glad you can. Life is nothing to be taken for granted. Appreciate it. Start small. Wake up, take time to remember that you shouldn’t have woken up, then get up with a smile, take a shower. Feel the water on your skin because nobody feels it like you do. Get out. Breathe in the fresh morning air. Look into the distance. Open yourself to the good and be a light in the world. You are loved. Fly on.

When you have recognized your place in the world, you feel responsibility. You are now connected to a value, have an incessant urge to live and do good. You have conquered your ego and all the pain it feigned, the ideal it feigned you and the impatience that came with it. For a while it was hard to believe that justice existed, fairness and balance were ever out of the question, but now you see clearly. Your responsibility to remain anchored in the truth brings together what belongs together and separates what should be untied. All you have to do is exist. There comes a moment when you have to stop distrusting everything and wondering how it all fits into the big picture of life.

⭐️TODAY: Positivity suits you. Wear it like a crown.

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