10 Ways To Be In Love

Are you among the people that still haven’t met their true love? Men and Women around you are only playing games? Are you being taking for granted or feeling not truly appreciated? Here are ten ways to find true love. Let’s just jump right in. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST To honestly be able to find a… Continue Reading

Rising in Love – Poem

I am in communication with God .. that voice within. 🦋 Rigorous charge of unapologetic consumption travels in the light of the most alike. There is a great mystery beyond the burning flames of the wild life, where we placed air-condition, face tune and some other ties. Be the truth as it embraces you in… Continue Reading


Reading through this will make you understand yourself. You will realize your essence and true loving nature. Love, better known as God, the Gab in science, the mysterious perception between space and time or Oneness is deeply conceptualized in your mind. So, we will dive deeply into the concept of hell, separation and suffering. Even as… Continue Reading

Mirror Neurons

Marco Iacoboni, a neuroscientist at the University of California at Los Angeles, is best known for his work on mirror neurons, a small circuit of cells in the premotor cortex and inferior parietal cortex. What makes these cells so interesting is that they are activated both when we perform a certain action—such as smiling or… Continue Reading

Natural Selection

Ever opened up to the idea that we humans are here for a higher purpose? Looking at the Planet and its inhabitants, we are these intelligent creator-beings that pursuit emotional impulses to record history and discover patterns, dissect body parts in the name of science and definitely knowing what’s right by feeling the justice of… Continue Reading

Setting Intentions

This movement from the unknown to the known, and from the known to the unknown, continues for eternity, unless somebody becomes enlightened. Then that is his last life; then this flower will not come back again. This flower that has become aware of itself need not come back to life because life is nothing but… Continue Reading