Babylonian Manifestation

MIRACLE MINDSET I am an infinite being having a temporary human experience. I love my existence. I am beautiful and supreme. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I love being. I am worthy. I am that I am. I LOVE YOU, AYA.

Lightest Flight

💚 You are constantly changing emotionally, physically and mentally because your energy is moving. Meaning 👉🏽 you will get hit by a crater in your space travel if you’re not directed according to your greatest timeline. The Law of Attraction is real and the result of Momentum. Don’t be a spiritual child. Get used to … Continue reading Lightest Flight




You are being asked to make a conscious agreement that everything is energy, frequency & vibration before you read this article. Thank you. ♥ ENERGY Body/Action/Doing/Creation/Relation VIBRATION Soul/Liquid/Flow/Influence/Being/Experience FREQUENCY Space/Emptiness/Focus/Spirit/Potential SPIRIT We are space within space. Just like there is God, you, me, the dog, the chair, .. Everything needs space or spirit to experience content/ … Continue reading Inspiration

My Way of Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

My life has been a rollercoaster. Throughout the many ups and downs I learned a lot ... What you will read in this article has the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and with that change the way you see the World. #1KEY was to be okay with feeling sad sometimes .. I know that I … Continue reading My Way of Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

The Gift – Master Diet Plan

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