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“Leave everything aside for a moment,
this self-obsession with being someone special.
Leave aside all these shallow concerns,
projections, expectations that keep your mind floating
like a bubble on the surface of the ocean of being.
Just try to be this formless presence
in which this entire play is watched.
Be neutral. Empty.
Try to observe that which observes.
Keep quiet.
Your mind seems so afraid of this meeting
which is with your true Beloved.
Now is as good a time as any.
Once your heart accepts this invitation
the whole universe is with you.”
𓁼 byΒ Mooji Baba


8 Pillars of Love

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“I create content and share it freely to experience more compassion and to free souls. My work helps me to connect to the human beings. We are in this together. The children of the future need us. Let’s awaken to the truth of our conditions in every day life and realize what love is. The ultimate is energy. Nothing is ever wasted. Believe and know you are here for a reason. Keep moving.”

by AYA


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“Happiness is an inside job. We need to stop projecting our joy from outside in. When we do this we condition happiness on our outer circumstances and environment.
You never want your joy to be based on something out of your control, yet we need each other.
When we create inner fulfilment we are able to share freely so it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves first.” by Aya


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