My Way of Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

My life has been a rollercoaster. Throughout the many ups and downs I learned a lot … What you will read in this article has the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and with that change the way you see the World. #1KEY was to be okay with feeling sad sometimes .. I know that I […]

The Poets Inspiration  愛の流れ We all are divine beings We all have a divine purpose We all deserve to be loved . . . Even the cruelest person – deserves love – Because life is spiritual. ~ This is the time to know thyself Know your worth Know that what you allow is what continues ~ Establish […]


The Key To The Universe Aya is a Multidimensional Being. She expresses as an Energy Intuitive, Healer, Writer, Visual Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Psychologist, and Nutritionist. Aya is a born with extrasensory abilities. At this most pivotal time on the planet, she has answered the call to assist the Spiritual Awakenings of seekers of Truth by […]

A letter to love

Dear love, Write me how much you love me a million times a day. Because I want what I deserve. I want your respect. I want your appreciation. I may not make you feel so special but I will make you feel FREE. You are a part of me. Hear me when I say that […]

RECAP 2017 Moments | Bitter Sweet Symphony – AYA | The Verve

Love, Aya.

Cliff Jump Video| Near DEATH Experience | Hawaii Love, Aya.

50 Facts About Me Love, Aya

The Sun And The Moon Collide

I love you, moon for we share craters wider than our smiles; sharper than a mystic cut; clumsier than a single glory sitter; The night, our curse as loneliness its fragile insane guide; vanished as we opened our eyes, inhaled hints of life and received the day which completed the night. Precious sun you burned […]

Freedom And Circumstances

I am at the Hungarian border. It is a freezing cold fall night. People are waiting for the police to let them pass. We, a group of 7 travelers from Belgrade, Serbia to Vienna, Austria were sorted out for a security check. The terretory looks dirty and chaotic. Everywhere I look are garbage bins over floating. This […]

My Beauty Recommendations

The love for beauty comes from our urge to feel emotions. In it‘s purest form called art and aesthetics. Religion builds temples, cathedrals, and churches to show power. The more beautiful, the more powerful. Here are my beauty tips. Matcha My first game changing hack, especially if you want to lose weight, is to drink […]