50 Facts About Me

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZg10zsf7Nk Love, Aya

The Sun And The Moon Collide

I love you, moon for we share craters wider than our smiles; sharper than a mystic cut; clumsier than a single glory sitter; The night, our curse as loneliness its fragile insane guide; vanished as we opened our eyes, inhaled hints of life and received the day which completed the night. Precious sun you burned … Continue reading The Sun And The Moon Collide

Freedom And Circumstances

I am at the Hungarian border. It is a freezing cold fall night. People are waiting for the police to let them pass. We, a group of 7 travelers from Belgrade, Serbia to Vienna, Austria were sorted out for a security check. The terretory looks dirty and chaotic. Everywhere I look are garbage bins over floating. This … Continue reading Freedom And Circumstances

My Beauty Recommendations

The love for beauty comes from our urge to feel emotions. In it‘s purest form called art and aesthetics. Religion builds temples, cathedrals, and churches to show power. The more beautiful, the more powerful. Here are my beauty tips. Matcha My first game changing hack, especially if you want to lose weight, is to drink … Continue reading My Beauty Recommendations

Youtube and How to deal with change.

Change. Personally, it meant looking outside of the box. Finding new ways to reach people to connect with and spread the message of awareness. Practically speaking, I started a youtube channel. Instantly I had to find out how scary it is. My first video is ready to be uploaded but waits for me saying "LET'S … Continue reading Youtube and How to deal with change.

If I Were A Boy – 3 Magnetic Features In Men That Quality Women Wish For!

Beyonce had it half right. "If I were a boy, I would turn off my phone." Surely not while cheating, as in the song. But probably to engage more, for goodness sake. 🙂 Let's jump right in. Here are my three top features, I would go for if I were a guy. If I were a boy, I would … Continue reading If I Were A Boy – 3 Magnetic Features In Men That Quality Women Wish For!

Morning Routine / Fall ’17

Good morning!  As usual, I wake up around 8 am. The first thing I do once I'm awake is to cuddle with my dog. It sets the day with lots of love and is probably the best part of my morning. 🙂 I am a light sleeper, so the night before ended with a warm tea, candles and a bath. This … Continue reading Morning Routine / Fall ’17