Babylonian Manifestation

MIRACLE MINDSET I am an infinite being having a temporary human experience. I love my existence. I am beautiful and supreme. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I love being. I am worthy. I am that I am. I LOVE YOU, AYA.


You are being asked to make a conscious agreement that everything is energy, frequency & vibration before you read this article. Thank you. ♥ ENERGY Body/Action/Doing/Creation/Relation VIBRATION Soul/Liquid/Flow/Influence/Being/Experience FREQUENCY Space/Emptiness/Focus/Spirit/Potential SPIRIT We are space within space. Just like there is God, you, me, the dog, the chair, .. Everything needs space or spirit to experience content/ … Continue reading Inspiration


Aya´s Diary, 16.08.2018 I wake up from a slumbering sleep to realize I am a star being. Born with the purity of all answers. Treasures that shine dug out. In the light I see the way to the New World. Dance, dance, dance!! They say, The honour is shared! On the land and in the … Continue reading Starbeing

As days rhyme

If it doesn´t make you feel alive it is killing you. 𓂀 Today I took the time to create a better life. To remember my place on Earth. To pay homage to my stay. To focus on the positive thoughts that create matter of light. I begged the Earth for more centeredness and more of … Continue reading As days rhyme