EMERGENCY Soul Integration

In-depth session of a 30min Skype Call. In this transmission Aya is channeling a light language that is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes for opening your crown chakra and reconnecting you to your root chakra, allowing your higher self to integrate fully and talk through you like in ancient times. KILL… Continue Reading


Aya is a Channeler. She meets, receives, and expresses energy of non-physical beings like Angels and Spirit Guides. Book a tarot reading, twin flame or soulmate reading, ask questions and get cosmic guidance in love and light.


Have all your questions privately answered by The Arcturian Council, The Creators,  Archangel Gabriel, Yeshua, The Buddha, The Krishna, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, or Archangel Michael. Book a channeled message, ask a question and get cosmic guidance in love and light today – 24h reply guarantee.