💚 You are constantly changing emotionally, physically and mentally because your energy is moving. Meaning 👉🏽 you will get hit by a crater in your space travel if you’re not directed according to your greatest timeline. The Law of Attraction is real and the result of Momentum. Don’t be a spiritual child. Get used to… Continue Reading


I felt so despressed in the last couple of days. It was not funny.. at all …  I mean, I constantly work on myself, on my business, on my relationships, on how to not murder anyone along the way and keep a good sense of humor just in case things blow up, what they usually… Continue Reading

Complete Spiritual Liberation

What if we would die today? Leaving behind our shells that grinded pearls, to surrender to whatever comes next. Dancing in gods hands. Would you be ready? But wait, .. What about that bigger house you wanted, or that car? Or that –life. Would you still crave it, if it would be the last? SOCIETY… Continue Reading

The Ghost Chip

Do you have bad days? Well, we all have them, especially when the moon is full, we feel highly influenced to reminisce and compelled to worry about relationships or jobs. We tend to doubt our decisions or question the truth. We feel depressed for not being where we want to be. We tend to feel… Continue Reading


What Am I? I want to get to the root of reality. Thinking about the deepest, epistemic and metaphysical questions. In the 1970´s Douglas Hofstadter, professor of cognitive science and academic talks in his best seller book Gödel, Escher, Bach about the strange loop. Reality is a strange loop. A mirror mirroring a mirror. –… Continue Reading