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In a scientific and technological culture, the sense of vision dominates. When we create, especially recognized in art, we use our imagination.  In The Wake of Imagination, Richard Kearney describes the attrition of the imagination despite the growth of the image in contemporary society.  He posits the technological image as a prime catalyst in moving … Continue reading Imagination | Unlock Creativity


Reading through this will make you understand yourself. You will realize your essence and true loving nature. Love, better known as God, the Gab in science, the mysterious perception between space and time or Oneness is deeply conceptualized in your mind. So, we will dive deeply into the concept of hell, separation and suffering. Even as … Continue reading Oneness

The Dangers of “WE ARE ONE”

In this article I want to draw attention to the dangers of a false interpretation of the New Age Mentality “We Are One” and the possibility of it becoming a new limited Religion instead of its original purpose of ultimate Freedom.  Earth, March 2018 As a highly sensitive person, I experience immense suffering living on … Continue reading The Dangers of “WE ARE ONE”


People try hard to manifest their dreams. They focus on what they want, visualize pay checks in their postboxes, the call of their boss promoting them, the ex calling for reunion but somehow it just isn't working. The question arrises - How to know if I am actually manifesting my dreams? The sound of the … Continue reading DNA ACTIVATION UPGRADE CLAIRAUDIENCE


Oh, beautiful truth, you fuse so irrational into this illusion I call reality. Dear reader, thank you for tuning into my perceptions of reality. Currently, my 3D simulation is teaching me patience, persistence and focus but for some reason, I am struggling. Every time I don't create I am potentially losing awareness. The only cure for … Continue reading DNA Activation CLAIRCOGNIZANCE Superhuman UPGRADE

3 Loving Ways To Heal Depression Love, Aya.

Stop Overthinking with Bob Marley Songs Love, Aya.