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11 Ways To Deal With Criticism

Are you getting criticised and don’t know how to handle it. You are feeling unmotivated and misunderstood? Here is a help. Let’s jump right in! YOUR MISTAKES DOESN’T DEFINE WHO YOU ARE Every person has its concept of the world. The perceptions of the critic’s mind can underestimate your abilities and are not true! Growth […]

10 Ways To Find True Love

Are you among the people that still haven’t met their “True Love”? Men and Women around you are only playing games; you are taking for granted or feeling not truly appreciated? Here are ten ways to find true love. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST To honestly be able to find a person that is loving you, you […]

Freedom And Circumstances

I am at the Hungarian border. It is a freezing cold fall night. People are waiting for the police to let them pass. We, a group of 7 travelers from Belgrade, Serbia to Vienna, Austria were sorted out for a security check. The terretory looks dirty and chaotic. Everywhere I look are garbage bins over floating. This […]

If I Were A Boy – 3 Magnetic Features In Men That Quality Women Wish For!

Beyonce had it half right. “If I were a boy, I would turn off my phone.” Surely not while cheating, as in the song. But probably to engage more, for goodness sake. 🙂 Let’s jump right in. Here are my three top features, I would go for if I were a guy. If I were a boy, I would […]

If I could live forever, this is what I would live for. – be prepared to dive deep!

As you may notice, I took some time off. For the sake of awakening, I gave up daily routines and mostly isolated myself from friends and family, trying to escape the illusion called reality. One big questions came up. “If I could live forever, what would I live for?” Analyzing Reality can play some great shows which in the end have […]

The Four Agreements To More Fulfillment

This four agreements changed my life so positively that I am very excited to share it with you now! Let’s jump right in, shall we? 🙂 Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not. -Valerie Bertinelli #1 AGREEMENT […]


Hello, my name is Aya and I am counting 26 years of collecting experiences. Depressed ones, when I worked a job that I didn’t liked. I was under a lot of pressure. There were expectations that I just could not manage to satisfy. But I quit that job and all toxic relationships, moved to Vienna and opened a door to a new beginning. Read what happened in […]

Behavior Change And Life Goals

Four months ago I moved to Vienna and immediately started to adapt. While living on my own, I realised the importance of self-responsibility. As Aristotle believed: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” So, I initiated a new beginning. Fun Planning Happy to finally be on my own, I set down and […]

How I Found Dedication.

In case you are bored of the phrase “find a dedication” I have to admit I am too! We all read and hear it a thousand times. The phrase on its own certainly does not help, so I’m going to share exactly what brought me “dedication”. Well, first things first. I had to get rid of stuff that […]