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Hey Soulmate. THANK YOU for considering me as your mentor. Many of us need spirit guides on the path of awakening. It is natural to get lost in this pool of emotions.


I am AYA and here to put you in position. First we are talking about what you want, then where you’re at emotionally, physically and mentally and then what is in the way.
We are talking about the Master Plan. What makes you happy and feel alive and how to be there NOW! How to just be f* happy and flow in the stream of ABUNDANCE.



I will show you how to communicate with your Spirit team and we will do Past Life Regressions, Tarot Card Readings and Astrological Check-ins. (all inclusive)  We will make you the artist of your dreams.
I love you. If you decide to take me as your Mentor, I will make you get the life you desired to live.


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Your first 3 Session would be back to back Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You are being adviced to just be alone at those days and sleep a lot. The rest you will discover as we go. You are being upgraded at this time. Keep focusing on what makes you feel good. The price is 240€. If you wish to do more openings, the price will remain the same for you.


Grateful to be in service. You are beautiful. I love you, AYA.



HOLISTIC ATUNEMENT. 3×60min Sessions including Grid Work/Third Eye Clearing/Kundalini Rising/Full Charge of Source Energy/Abundance Flow Activation/Unified Field Activation. 11:11 Mentoring holds Space for emotional Release. 3 Back2Back Sessions with all features listed above. You are being guided. Receive. 𓆃



60 Day Mental Coaching ❀ Request via E-Mail and get your custom Map designed to radically Integrate your Highest Version in 60 Days. 47€/Session Original price €2820,- BOOK NOW €21,5/Session


MENTORSHIP 60min. via skype

Powerful mental healing to fully live your best life. You integrate deep rooted traumas and self-worth issues through tapping into the light of your deep psyche. Your higher self awaits you. Original price €170,- BOOK NOW


MENTORSHIP 30min. via skype

NEW! Book 3 Sessions via E-Mail and receive a discount code for 1 FREE Session! Are you longing for a life breakthrough? AYA will help you identify your goals, spot your barriers, and create an action plan that moves you forward! Original price €80,- BOOK NOW



31 Day Custom DETOX and Colon Cleanse Diet Master Plan. “The Gift” has all the tools you need to stop food cravings, feel full all day and be in your best shape. You will cleanse your colon and have a superfood recharge. Weight-loss is guaranteed! Easy transition to a vegan lifestyle. Original price €60



All Coaching holds space for emotional and mental relief, letting go of old ways, finding new ideas through investigating and clearing old programmings and negative imprints in your system, the receiving of new visions for your personal life path and purpose and advice in fulfilling this dream reality. ❀

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