The Forest as Organic Industry Of Life

AYAยดs Journal/25.11.2019/Earth Humans created robots that can feel and think. That was in the new today. I feel my heart hurting for creating this art has cost my nature of being respected as a woman that gives life. Even worst, the energy/money they needed was extracted in a process which included killing my mother. And… Continue Reading


You are being asked to make a conscious agreement that everything is energy, frequency & vibration beforeย you read this article. Thank you. โ™ฅ ENERGY Body/Action/Doing/Creation/Relation VIBRATION Soul/Liquid/Flow/Influence/Being/Experience FREQUENCY Space/Emptiness/Focus/Spirit/Potential SPIRIT We are space within space. Just like there is God, you, me, the dog, the chair, .. Everything needs space or spirit to experience content/… Continue Reading

The Poets Inspiration

ย ๆ„›ใฎๆตใ‚Œ We are divine beings We have a divine purpose We deserve love . . . Even the cruelest person – deserves love – Because life is spiritual. ~ This is the time to know thyself Know your worth Know that what you allow is what continues ~ Establish new perspectives Speak up Raise the… Continue Reading


Aya is a Channeler. She meets, receives, and expresses energy of non-physical beings like Angels and Spirit Guides. Book a tarot reading, twin flame or soulmate reading, ask questions and get cosmic guidance in love and light.