The Geometry of the Stars

Being present is a gift. You realize that time must not exist. But stopping it entirely is like finding perfection in chaos. You look closely to see how your focus forms the image. You realize reality is formed by sacred geometry. We are surrounded by technology. A copy of the copy. The circle of life… Continue Reading


In a scientific and technological culture, the sense of vision dominates. When we create, especially recognized in art, we use our imagination.Β  In The Wake of Imagination, Richard Kearney describes the attrition of the imagination despite the growth of the image in contemporary society.Β  He posits the technological image as a prime catalyst in moving… Continue Reading


People try hard to manifest their dreams. They focus on what they want, visualize pay checks in their postboxes, the call of their boss promoting them, the ex calling for reunion but somehow it just isn’t working. The question arrises – How to know if I am actually manifesting my dreams? The sound of the… Continue Reading

A letter to love

Dear love, Write me how much you love me a million times a day. Because I want what I deserve. I want your respect. I want your appreciation. I may not make you feel so special but I will make you feel FREE. You are a part of me. Hear me when I say that… Continue Reading