POEM – Flavor Of The Night

There’s a hole in the river where a memory lies. From the land of the living to the air and the sky. A girl arrives with wisdom in her eyes. Bearing freedom within which seem never to die. She’s got many battles ahead, the obscure to spread. Never ending roads while travelling with her will carry you… Continue Reading

Yes-Man Extended

How to stay authentic in a conversation when there is an infinite amount of possibilities at any given point to react to something said? The balance between being nice but saying your opinion plays a significant role when you want to be respected and valued for your company and it all lays in the choice of your words. Here is… Continue Reading

Marshmallow Moon

An open space of joyful matter was making me smile every time I entered it. You lightened my thoughts, not knowing that I completely lost myself in you. My starved eyes never experienced the great, sparkle now from extasy, buzzed by the moment of feeling your presence.  Teasing my way in the realm of your goddess, millions of tickling elves… Continue Reading

Is Religion Dead?

Is it possible that the next generation don’t need religion anymore? Many of us just don’t believe in it and even blame it for many bad things that happened along history. I want to bring up the reason people made up religion in the first place and what it can do for us in the… Continue Reading