Love is about adding of faith, hope and trust into our process of life. It represents the universal backup plan for what we wish to experience. In all cases this is just a place called home. How many people can say "I am finally where I want to be." Not many, right? Yet we are … Continue reading HOMECOMING

As days rhyme

If it doesn´t make you feel alive it is killing you. đ“‚€ Today I took the time to create a better life. To remember my place on Earth. To pay homage to my stay. To focus on the positive thoughts that create matter of light. I begged the Earth for more centeredness and more of … Continue reading As days rhyme

The Event is NOW

Meditation is magical, glorious and divine. Let me tell you why. Meditation is -the best- down the line, for it makes you heal and align. But it has a dark side. Healing clears the pain, misery, the hardship and denial. When you purify your mind, you feel like drowning and or like you are about … Continue reading The Event is NOW


Even scientific people underestimate what reality really is. Because through our everyday grind of daily life we have become numb to this extraordinary miracle that is reality. We are so focused on living our lives and practicing the goals that we forget what of a gift this experience truly is. REALIZE INFINITY Let´s say you … Continue reading REALIZING INFINITY

Complete Spiritual Liberation

What if we would die today? Leaving behind our shells that grinded pearls, to surrender to whatever comes next. Dancing in gods hands. Would you be ready? But wait, .. What about that bigger house you wanted, or that car? Or that -life. Would you still crave it, if it would be the last? SOCIETYI´ve … Continue reading Complete Spiritual Liberation


You made it into existence. Congratulations! Realize the gift of life and tune into health and vitality now. But what about doing the "right thing"? What is the best to do with our time?  Let me share 3 Life-Changing Mindsets which have helped me to transcend my reality into a rainbow session of unicorns and … Continue reading 3 LIFE-CHANGING MINDSETS

The Ghost Chip

Do you have bad days? Well, we all have them, especially when the moon is full, we feel highly influenced to reminisce and compelled to worry about relationships or jobs. We tend to doubt our decisions or question the truth. We feel depressed for not being where we want to be. We tend to feel … Continue reading The Ghost Chip