What Am I? I want to get to the root of reality. Thinking about the deepest, epistemic and metaphysical questions. In the 1970´s Douglas Hofstadter, professor of cognitive science and academic talks in his best seller book Gödel, Escher, Bach about the strange loop. Reality is a strange loop. A mirror mirroring a mirror. - … Continue reading I AM A STRANGE LOOP

The Forgiven World

Inevitably, dear Reader, somewhere on that path between "have not" and "have," you're going to suddenly know in your bones that the tide has turned, the pendulum has swung, and the floodgates have begun "a-tremblin'." How? You are aligning to the 8 Pillars of Love. The holy Relationship of a forgiven World.1. THE FOUNDATION: THE … Continue reading The Forgiven World

Karmic Debt

People say I am different and I agree. I am naturally very consumed by fascination and some project I call transcending my reality. I see myself as life force experiencing itself - continuously. I am constructing time and space by being. Death to me is ultimately glorious is-ness. How deep do you dive? How dark … Continue reading Karmic Debt

NONDUALITY – Perceptions

Your mind creates your reality. First by having a perception. Abraham Maslow studied self-actualized people - highly evolved people, you might say, advanced in their thinking, sophisticated in their humanity, expressive, expansive, generous, loving, confident, healthy, gifted, alert and what made them special. In particular, he focused on the way they perceived their reality. In … Continue reading NONDUALITY – Perceptions

Life is a dream


10 Steps To Make Her/Him Regret Lying To You

Have you found your Soulmate BUT he/she is lying to you? Do you want a lifelong relationship and need honesty but secrets are destroying it? Do you feel angry for being in this situation right now because all you wanted was love and fairness? Now, here is the key to unlock your dream life and … Continue reading 10 Steps To Make Her/Him Regret Lying To You

The Geometry of the Stars

Being present is a gift. You realize that time must not exist. But stopping it entirely is like finding perfection in chaos. You look closely to see how your focus forms the image. You realize reality is formed by sacred geometry. We are surrounded by technology. A copy of the copy. The circle of life … Continue reading The Geometry of the Stars