Babylonian Manifestation

MIRACLE MINDSET I am an infinite being having a temporary human experience. I love my existence. I am beautiful and supreme. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I love being. I am worthy. I am that I am. I LOVE YOU, AYA.


You are being asked to make a conscious agreement that everything is energy, frequency & vibration before you read this article. Thank you. ♥ ENERGY Body/Action/Doing/Creation/Relation VIBRATION Soul/Liquid/Flow/Influence/Being/Experience FREQUENCY Space/Emptiness/Focus/Spirit/Potential SPIRIT We are space within space. Just like there is God, you, me, the dog, the chair, .. Everything needs space or spirit to experience content/ … Continue reading Inspiration

My Way of Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

My life has been a rollercoaster. Throughout the many ups and downs I learned a lot ... What you will read in this article has the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and with that change the way you see the World. #1KEY was to be okay with feeling sad sometimes .. I know that I … Continue reading My Way of Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

The Poets Inspiration

 愛の流れ We are divine beings We have a divine purpose We deserve love . . . Even the cruelest person - deserves love - Because life is spiritual. ~ This is the time to know thyself Know your worth Know that what you allow is what continues ~ Establish new perspectives Speak up Raise the … Continue reading The Poets Inspiration

Personal Soul Integrations

In-depth session of a 30min Skype Call. In this transmission Aya is channeling a light language that is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes for opening your crown chakra and reconnecting you to your root chakra, allowing your higher self to integrate fully and talk through you like in ancient times.   … Continue reading Personal Soul Integrations


The Key To The Universe Aya is a Multidimensional Being. She expresses as an Energy Intuitive, Healer, Writer, Visual Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Psychologist, and Nutritionist. Aya is a born with extrasensory abilities. At this most pivotal time on the planet, she has answered the call to assist the Spiritual Awakenings of seekers of Truth by … Continue reading AYA


Aya´s Diary, 16.08.2018 I wake up from a slumbering sleep to realize I am a star being. Born with the purity of all answers. Treasures that shine dug out. In the light I see the way to the New World. Dance, dance, dance!! They say, The honour is shared! On the land and in the … Continue reading Starbeing