A letter to love

Dear love, Write me how much you love me a million times a day. Because I want what I deserve. I want your respect. I want your appreciation. I may not make you feel so special but I will make you feel FREE. You are a part of me. Hear me when I say that… Continue Reading

My Beauty Recommendations

The love for beauty comes from our urge to feel emotions. In it‘s purest form called art and aesthetics. Religion builds temples, cathedrals, and churches to show power. The more beautiful, the more powerful. Here are my beauty tips. Matcha My first game changing hack, especially if you want to lose weight, is to drink… Continue Reading

My experience with veganism.

I always hated dieting. Especially if I have to eat something, I don’t like. For example, white foods, like cheese or mayonnaise or even olives I despise to this day. Being a picky eater for all I can remember, the only choice I had is to get into good habits. My lifestyle change into veganism unsealed the access into a new world; I still find… Continue Reading