The Geometry of the Stars

Being present is a gift. You realize that time must not exist. But stopping it entirely is like finding perfection in chaos. You look closely to see how your focus forms the image. You realize reality is formed by sacred geometry. We are surrounded by technology. A copy of the copy. The circle of life… Continue Reading

A letter to love

Dear love, Write me how much you love me a million times a day. Because I want what I deserve. I want your respect. I want your appreciation. I may not make you feel so special but I will make you feel FREE. You are a part of me. Hear me when I say that… Continue Reading

POEM – Flavor Of The Night

There’s a hole in the river where a memory lies. From the land of the living to the air and the sky. A girl arrives with wisdom in her eyes. Bearing freedom within which seem never to die. She’s got many battles ahead, the obscure to spread. Never ending roads while travelling with her will carry you… Continue Reading

Yes-Man Extended

How to stay authentic in a conversation when there is an infinite amount of possibilities at any given point to react to something said? The balance between being nice but saying your opinion plays a significant role when you want to be respected and valued for your company and it all lays in the choice of your words. Here is… Continue Reading